About Gothic Toggs

Gothic Toggs is the private label of fantasy artist and graphic designer, Tabz Jones. Since 2008 she has been creating art and designs with an eye toward the Goth and Alternative genres.

Tabz Jones CEO Gothic Toggs

A message from the artist:


My name is Tabz Jones. I am a 40-ish mother of six beautiful children that are a constant inspiration, and my entire reason for not going off the deep end. DAZStudio and Photoshop are my weapons of choice and I use them to create art that I hope uses color and texture to express ideas, creativity and passion. My art has been gifted to celebrities at major Hollywood events, and was seen in Times Square as part of a huge exhibition of artists from all over the world. I tend toward the Goth and Alternative genres and it comes through in most of my work.

 Art is like breathing for me. It is a part of who I am. Color and texture can convey a mood, emotion, thought or idea in a way words fall short of. I love to explore the relationship between light and dark, and I try to find balance in everything. Even in my darkest moments, you will find a splash of color. I tend toward more Gothic themes, with the emphasis more on the sensual aspects rather than horror for the sake of shock. There is more to the dark than monsters. And fear can be an eye opening experience.

I hope that you find my designs to your liking. I welcome feedback from my customers so please, feel free to contact me through the email provided here with any questions.

I look forward to doing business with you,



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